Fearghal Duffy: “An Opening Onto Other Possible Worlds”

Lia Fail

There seems to be a very strong and persistent atavistic impulse which impels people to rediscover in the past lost values which will somehow ameliorate the perceived ills of the present. In this blog post I want to consider the potentiality of nostalgia for eco-critical purposes and to query what value, if any, there is in looking to an imagined ‘Golden Age’ to solve contemporary environmental and ecological ills. The recent controversy… Read More

Michael Cleary Gaffney: Blame It On My Chronotype


Each of us have preferences to what we like, be that  in types of music we listen to, the people we date and the types of food we eat.  Similarly each of us have a preference for the timing we go to sleep and wake up.  Some of us are regarded as owls, that is, we have a strong tendency to go to bed late at night and get up late during… Read More

Shane Byrne: Kinesia (The third law)


One of my main goals as a composer of electroacoustic music is to try and introduce a performative element to the music that I create. For me, that means moving away from the usual methods of interacting  and interfacing with the devices that I use to compose electronic music. The basic form of communication with such devices is through the use of a QWERTY keyboard, a mouse or a trackpad. For me,… Read More

Jiajing Yang : Design an architecture facility in UCD Richview school of architecture


This brief is to work cialis 5mg prix vidal together as a team https://www.levitradosageus24.com/levitra-order-uk/ to develop a detailed design for the UCD architecture facility in http://www.laviagraes.com/comprar-viagra-tenerife Richview. The initial design is selected http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/ by pfizer sildenafil viagra the tutor, so, this initial idea came from Deborah Cullinan . Kyle Lalor, Simon McGough, Katie Nicholson and I further designed this idea. Here is our final proposal.

Mandy Tracey:A world without plants


Plants are are so essential to all humanity, yet we often overlook or take for granted just how much of a role the plant kingdom plays in our lives.   It is unfortunate that botany, the scientific study of plants, is not considered to be of great importance to many. With the growth of the population expected to reach over 9 billion people by the year 2050, botany is http://www.laviagraes.com/viagra-bolivia needed now… Read More

Jennifer Halton: Awakening the Human Soul


One almost grimaces at the sight of the oft-used cliché life changing, but when it comes to the films of Werner Herzog, there is no term more suitable than this. I came to Herzog anachronistically. A few years ago I was introduced to the most beautiful documentary I had ever seen, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and have since then been working back through the filmmaker’s extensive catalogue. But one does not simply ‘see’ a… Read More

Fiona Gannon: Update on the spider-human jam sessions

Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, © 2014

I have done some more reading up on this exhibition, and there is a dedicated website here should anybody be interested in finding out more. Apparently https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-generique/ spiders serenade each other as a mating ritual using the strings of their webs as instruments, or at least that is how it has been interpreted, and so the musical idea stems from that. The vibrations sent through their structures can signal prey, a love interest, or… Read More

Tommy Flavin: Shut Up And Listen: How To Control People’s Minds


Recently I had the good fortune to be working on a terrible TV show. The show was made up of a variety of interviews between the presenter and her guests. As I edited these interviews, I noticed something- every time the interviewer asked a question, the light would go out in the guests’ eyes. Some would even grimace. And none of them would relax and open up to her. So the interviews,… Read More

Fearghal Duffy: Metamorphoses in Irish Myths


We who are involved in this project have been encountering the word ‘metamorphosis’ on a daily basis for several months now that it had risked becoming one of those words, which when it becomes overly familiar, its essence and significance becomes somehow diluted.  So I thought it might be useful to present a few instances of metamorphoses from the early Irish myths and sagas to re-freshen the imaginative potential of the term…. Read More

Michael Cleary-Gaffney: The Difficulties Of Research


The aim of research is to make a positive impact for individuals and society. However, research is an extremely complex multifaceted endeavour. Put simply, for a thorough understanding of a phenomenon, researchers must break the phenomenon into specifics. When sufficient knowledge is acquired on each specific research area, a combining of the specific knowledge can occur. This allows for a holistic understanding of the overall topic of interest. Think of the development… Read More