Mandy Tracey: Looking beyond the Science

For this weeks blog post I thought I would take a different approach to my previous posts. Most regular readers of the metamorphosis blog will know that I am passionate about nature and the viagra sans ordonnance environment. Although I am studying the natural sciences I sometimes find that I overlook the influence of nature on the artistic and creative world.

My hope, through collaborating with the artist Fiona, is to bring awareness and appreciation of our dependency on earth’s natural resources. In doing so I have also come to appreciate how the arts and humanities are equally important to the well-being of humanity.

I would like to share images of artwork which really appeal to me and which I feel represent the aesthetic beauty and value of the natural environment.


For me the beauty of being part of a multidisciplinary project such as metamorphosis is that it has forced me to look beyond the science and to appreciate how the natural world and humans have influenced each other throughout the centuries.

As the world faces many crisis such as food shortages, climate change, over population, war and disease there has never been a better time for breaking down the boundaries between different disciplines and working together towards solving current and future environmental and social issues.


Metamorphosis callorator

Mandy Tracey


Artwork references


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