Michael Cleary Gaffney: Blame It On My Chronotype


Each of us have preferences to what we like, be that  in types of music we listen to, the people we date and the types of food we eat.  Similarly each of us have a preference for the timing we go to sleep and wake up.  Some of us are regarded as owls, that is, we have a strong tendency to go to bed late at night and get up late during… Read More

Michael Cleary-Gaffney: The Hidden Eye


The eye is one of the most complex organs in the mammalian species. It provides two functions, the first being the most obvious of allowing us make conscious perception of objects in our visual field. The second is that it is involved in non-image functions such as keeping our circadian clock in sync and pupillary reflex. As most who did leaving cert biology will know, the eye contains rods and cones (photorecptors)… Read More

Michael Cleary-Gaffney: The Dark Side Of Light


Everyday when the night-time falls we illuminate our rooms with artificial light in order to carry out our work and our street become illuminated to allow us safely navigate our streets. Although, our ability to manipulate and prolong the longevity of our light-time period has significant advantages it comes with possible health consequences. Significant amount of research has found that this manipulation of our light/dark cycle  interferes with our internal timing system… Read More