Fearghal Duffy: Metamorphoses in Irish Myths


We who are involved in this project have been encountering the word ‘metamorphosis’ on a daily basis for several months now that it had risked becoming one of those words, which when it becomes overly familiar, its essence and significance becomes somehow diluted.  So I thought it might be useful to present a few instances of metamorphoses from the early Irish myths and sagas to re-freshen the imaginative potential of the term…. Read More

Fearghal Duffy: To Woo a Goddess

Sovereignty Goddess

In Dead Poets Society Robin Williams plays an English teacher, John Keating, who challenges his students to tell him why language was invented. None of them are quite sure how to answer the question but one student suggests that it was in order to communicate. But, this according to Keating is wrong. Language was invented, he informs them, ‘to woo women’. The language he specifically has in mind is poetry. To woo… Read More