Louise Brady : Art, beauty and the importance of the little things….


In recent discussions with Fearghal, I felt that I had become somewhat blind to the natural world around me and decided then that I would try and pay more attention to my surroundings and overall become more mindful of the little things. It is easier at this time of year, when nature and its shifts and changes are very obvious – a time when it really makes itself known to us. No… Read More

Louise Brady – The Art of Andy Goldsworthy


I thought I would use this blog entry to post some information about the artist Andy Goldsworthy – who, I feel, is exploring the same issues through visual art, as those of ecocriticm.  Midsummer Snowballs, London, 2000. He uses no man-made materials in the production of his work – his work exists temporally and is site specific, produced in both natural and urban settings. He came to mind while I was reading… Read More

Fearghal Duffy: Creative Ecocriticism


My research takes an ecocritical approach to medieval Irish literature. The most basic definition of ecocriticism is that it is the study of the relationship between literature and the environment. It seeks to make the category of nature as central to the humanities as class, race, and gender are at present. Ecocriticism does not simply involve documenting and discussing nature imagery as an object of study and placing it in a historical… Read More