A Non-Lesson In Filmmaking And Life


This blog post is going to be a bit different to my previous ones. This time, I won’t be talking about documentary, but rather, about what it’s like to be a filmmaker, and maybe in a bigger sense, what it is to follow your ‘dream’. I’ll be talking about filmmaking here, but I hope what I’m saying applies to life in general, or at least to artists. So hold on to your… Read More

Louise Brady – Inspiring Images


This week I would like to share some research images and inspiration for the project.   Spencer Tunick – Desert Spirits, 2013. Sally Mann, Family Pictures, 1984-1991 Ron Mueck, Boy, 1999. Alice Maher, Cassandra’s Necklace, 2012   Mark Rothko, (Red, Orange), 1968 Leslie Hall Brown, RE-VISIONING series.