Yang Jiajing: Feeling the space

In order to explore the idea of understanding the space, Esther Stocker created a series of fuzzy spaces. Black and white are selected to intensify the sense of contrast.

In the work Galleria Studio 44, what is really impressive is that there seems to be a vague but valid logic equation behind this design, which leads to an unusual https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-generique/ physical transformation among the linear, plane and cubic modes. Different cuboids in a variety of sizes and types installed on four sides of the cave in line with that logic mightily cause some senses that the cave space is an abyss boundless; the cuboids are just like flying in the space and will be soon sucked in that “abyss”. When people go into this space, they may suspect that will be like these absorbed cuboids.


La solitudine dell’opera (Blanchot). Parte 2, 2010, wood, acrylic, 2,15 x 1,80 x 12,70 m Associazione Ko.Ji.Ku., Galleria Studio 44, Genova. Photo: Loredana Ginocchio


Wiener Musterzimmer, 2009, fabric covering, furniture sculptures (wood and perspex), 384 x 384 x 271,5 cm. exhibition view Unteres Belvedere, Orangerie, Wien, Photo: Eva W├╝rdinger

Such subtle deal with the connection between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces gives the visitors a different cognition and perception of the relationship between people themselves and spaces.

See more at: http://www.estherstocker.net/installations.html#pos_stocker_17

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