Michael Cleary-Gaffney: The Circadian Clock As A Metaphor


Each of us has an in-built intrinsic clock which measures the passage of time. Every cell in our body contains a clock but it is the brain which keeps our cells in sync with the environment. Think of the body as instruments from an orchestra and the brain being the conductor. Without a conductor the instruments would play out of sync. An important feature of our natural environment is the 24 hour… Read More

Louise Brady: The Beauty of Collaboration


Interpret theory, don’t demonstrate it – words of advice passed on while in college that seem very pertinent now when reading through Fearghal’s research and mulling over possible ideas for an art work. A little out of my comfort zone, with the main area of interest in my work being film theory, the paradox of cliché, love and the disintegration of romantic ideals and Fearghal’s being representations of nature in medieval Irish… Read More

Catherine Bergin: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction


I am a student of escape. Nothing intrigues me better than a good escape story, the more odds the protagonist has to overcome the better. Such stuff, we are lead to believe, is the work of myth makers or novelists. In my research on escape lines helping British soldiers escape France during the Second World War, time and time again truth emerges and continues to emerge as stranger than fiction. Take for… Read More

Metamorphosis | Art as Research. Research as Art

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of The Metamorphosis Project The Metamorphosis Team are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our multidisciplinary project planned for February 2016. The project has been in formation for many months, growing a team of vibrant, talented young artists and academic researchers  with a synergy of knowledge, ideas and creative practice. The idea behind the project first sprung to our founder, Jennifer Halton, in late 2014, as she explored… Read More