Paula B. Garcia-Rosa: Harnessing The Power Of Ocean Waves

As the wind blows over the ocean surface, the interaction between air and water transfers some of the wind energy to the water, forming waves. The waves travel across the ocean carrying the energy transferred from the wind, and their size and period depend on the wind speed, the length of time the wind blows and the length of ocean over which the wind blows (fetch).

Whether you’re surfing or bodyboarding on the sea, you’re actually capturing some of the wave energy to move yourself along.

The energy carried by the waves can also be harnessed to generate renewable, pollution-free electricity. So far there are many different types of wave-energy converters developed worldwide. Rather than proposing a new system to convert wave energy into electricity, the focus of my research is to develop tools and techniques able to optimize the wave energy absorption.

Winds may be turned into waves. Wave energy may be converted into electricity. In the metamorphosis project, research will be transformed into art, and art into research. That’s all about the law of conservation of energy – the fundamental concept of physics which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another.

(Marcelo Maragni, http://maragni.com.br/ )

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