Mandy Tracey


Mandy Tracey is currently progressing into her final year of the B.A in Plant Science with Trinity College Dublin. Mandy’s passion for wildlife and the natural world prompted her to return to education as a mature student. Having completed the NUI science certificate in Maynooth in 2011 she was offered a place studying science in TCD. Having initially planned to specialize in zoology, Mandy’s interest in environmental issues and ecological challenges facing Ireland led to a shift in focus towards botany and related plant sciences. Working individually and in collaboration with a team of botanists from her department, Mandy’s research looks at the affect of climate change on Irish peatlands, and on the particular flora of peatland regions. She conducts her research both through lab-based experiments, and through fieldwork experiments in Clara bog, Co Offaly. Mandy’s project contributes crucial quantitative findings to current and proliferate discourse on the world’s climate change crisis. The results will provide valuable insight into how peatlands can be sustainably managed and restored.


Mandy is collaborating with Fiona.