Michael Cleary-Gaffney


Michael Cleary-Gaffney graduated with a first class honours in Psychology from Maynooth University in 2013. It was here that he developed a significant interest in how sleep and our in-buit circadian clock may be implicated with the onset of psychiatric conditions. After completing his undergraduate he registered as a research master’s student under the supervision of Dr Andrew Coogan where he looked at the effects that dim-light presented during the night has on the in-built circadian clock and if this results in the manifestation of depressive and anxiety-like behaviour in mice. Michael has presented his findings at conferences both nationally and internationally.  Michael is interested in integrating basic and applied research and will be embarking on a PhD in the forthcoming academic year which will take an epidemiological approach to investigating the effects of dim light and its implications on sleep and mood disorders in humans. He is a member of  The Psychological Society of Ireland, Neuroscience Ireland and the European Biological Rhythms Society (EBRS).